Témata pro rok 2014

1. Experimentální komora pro výrobu dílů z kompozitních kovových prášků
2. Optimalizace prostorových struktur pro speciální díly vyráběné technologií SLM
3. Systém pro kontrolu a řízení technologie selective laser melting

Ph.D. projects

Measurement and evaluation of axis straightness of forgings
This doctoral thesis deals with the design of software and methodology for non-contact measurement of the rotational forging axis straightness. The methodology is based on the principles of photogrammetry, specifically the usage of passive multi-image photogrammetry, on-the-job calibration with a test field and edge detection designed for specific conditions. Software testing and optimization for the measurement of high-temperature forgings is currently in progress.

The topic of my dissertation theses is focused on design of the system for automatic 3D scanning of sheet metal parts. Based on the computer model (CAD) of the measured part the system generates eligible positions for scanning with fringe projection scanner. The accent in this system is in elimination of light reflections which occur in scanning of sheet metal parts.